About Us

Watson Candle is a manufacturer of quality candles and industrial waxes. Candles ranging from pressed tealights to custom votives and scented pillar candles to private-label filled candles, Watson Candle’s flexible production facility allows us to meet your unique manufacturing demands with a quick turn-around time without compromising quality.

What We Do

Private Label

Private label candles are a way to provide custom products to your customers. Our container candles are made from high quality materials and are fully customizable thanks to Watson Candle’s specialty services

Wax Blending

The care and expertise in which we exercise every step has made Watson Candle one of the finest blending facilities. The process of perfecting a formula begins with the research we have continually done over the years

Custom Fill Jobs

Watson Candle’s flexible production facility enables us to custom blend and fill a variety of products to your exact specifications.

Wax Processing

Watson Candle’s facilities enable you to get the wax in the form you need it.

Don’t hesitate ask us about our work!